Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toot Toot, Beep Beep, RIP

Just woke up from a much-needed nap to another RIP - Miss Donna Summer. Waaaahh!!

1) Saw her 2 summers ago performing here in Brooklyn. In spite of the trashy, are-you-really-fighting-in-public-while-Donna-Summer-is-singing public (of course this what happens when concerts are free) she put on a great show. Voice was in fine form. While I had most of her greatest hits already on mp3s already, immediately bought up 4 of her songs from Crayons on iTunes upon arriving home.

2) 7th grade. I was in a church youth group. We were on an outing in December to I forget where (I'm thinking it was a street in Pennsylvania (?) with elaborate Christmas decorations) but it was raining so we went to a mall instead. Everybody else is buying clothing, jewelry from Claire's and who knows what else. Me, I had to feed my addiction of music. Everyone's showing their purchases to the youth group leader. As usual, quiet me is last. I first pull out a little wooden plaque describing what the attributes of a Taurus is. Oops. Apparently a Non-Denominational Christian isn't to be believe in astrology. Um, okay. So, what else dod I have in my bag? Ahhhh.. Donna Summer's Bad Girls album. The one with DS as a hooker on the front and assorted other hookers on the front and back. Ooh, did I get chastised on that bus. Non-Denominational Christians really don't approve of this. And I should tell my parents when I get home of what I did and then destroy the record.

Whether I just didn't understand or the fact I really have never cared for authority telling me how to live my life I went home and played the hell out of that album. Excuse me, double album! Hot stuff, indeed! Oh, and I told my parents as well and my mom, being a lover of good music played the hell out of that album as well. 

That's all. Just 2 great memories of a great singer. I shall dim all the lights but there will be no more tears.

You will be missed. 

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