Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Call Me Nostradoofus

So, I'm rummaging through some old stuff the other day. I still have a sweater vest from 1st grade. Why? I know not.
I still have my Magic Window (from the 70's). The one toy I wasn't able to destroy/take apart - unlike the plethora of Etch-A-Sketch's I owned.

Then I came upon this. THIS speech won 1st place (?!?!?!) for me back in 4th grade. Who the hell were my competitors? Why am I under the impression I was smart back then? Did I win simply by just being cute? Oh if I could go back in time to that evening in the Havre de Grace Elementary School cafeteria.

Tommorows Promise

This speech is about schools of the year 2000. I think the schools are going to be fun. The kjds will be learning what we didn't learn. The gym will have new games and the gym will be bigger. The music will have different notes and the kids will make songs theirselves. The library will have thicker books for ages 6 to 20. The problems the kids will have is forgetting work, getting wrong answers, and getting sick all the time. The kids will buy bigger bookbags so they can take all their books home.

Will the teachers be robots or real? How long will schools be? 6 hours, 1 hour, 4 hours? Willl schools be on Sat and Sun? Will schools run all year? Will all the teachers be men? Here are some questions and what other kids will know. PLus in the cafeteria will the kids throw food on the floor? Will they put corn and spaghetti together and what will they call it?

Probably the report card will have

Q for quick

R for receiving

S for starting

T for terrible

U for unable

Will the school teach by T.V> or Radio? Will words on tests be I see you cat dog bird. How many words will there be 1 or 200? Will the desks and chairs be automatic like push a button and the desks and chairs come whirling, dancing, and spinning like a ballerina waiter. The chairs will probably be made of granite and marble.

Will schools start for the age of 8? End for 89? Instead of desks and chairs will they work in beds. Will the schools be made of canvas?

Thank you for attending P.T.A.