Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hope Springs Nocturnal: A Play in One Act

Hope Springs Eternal:
A Play in One Act

by Jeff Siperly

Characters: Don, 35, handsome, bearish Italian
                   Jess, 49, gets by with his looks

Setting: Interior, bedroom

Time: Oh, about 2:19am


Don. (Sleeping hard, facing the closet)

Mkmmmmkkch...k... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...k... Nknnnchnnnn... Zzzzzzzzz

(Jess, who's partially an insomniac, has fallen asleep maybe 30 minutes prior is facing the window. Rolls over to prepare to pinch Don's nose to stop incessant snoring and assorted mouth noises)

(As soon as movement is made Don rolls over and attempts to mount Jess. Proceeds to forcefully kiss him)


Oh, you make me so happy. I love you so damn much.
(Don gets off of Jess and rolls over to face the closet once again.)


Mkmmmmkkch...k... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...k... Nknnnchnnnn... Zzzzzzzzz

(Jess stares up at ceiling wondering what the hell just happened.



Length of play: My guess is maybe 15-20 seconds.

This is just a play. Not based on anything... at all.
Names have still been changed to protect the innocent.