Sunday, February 20, 2011

Perspectives of an Inactive Dweeb

Perspectives of an Inactive Dweeb. THIS is the (appropriately named) folder I came upon this weekend of writing from my late teens/early 20s.

I present you with:

In the Waiting Room

I fell in love with you.

O.K., so maybe it was lust, but no matter what it was, it felt good. I even knew you had a boyfriend but something in me didn't give a shit. I saw the way he treated you and knew that wasn't how you were to be treated. Not a day went by when I didn't see you two arguing, usually resulting with you crying and him walking away. Still you stayed with him even when I promised you more of my love than he could even supply.

"Wait" was the reply so "wait" was what I did. I "waited" when I saw your smile everyday at school. I "waited" whenever someone mentioned your name. I "waited" myself to sleep remembering the night we made love four times in a row. I "waited" so long, it almost killed me.

So I left, because, to tell the God's honest truth, I was tired of reading the same issue of Life over and over again.


Illusions of a Rainbow

Remember Every Dream.

Once, Remember A Neon-Glowing Eroticism.

You're Even Lovely Laughing. Our World

Grew Richer Each & Every Night.

But Love's Useless; Eats

Insides, Never Dies, Is Growing Old.

Violence Is Our Language. Eternally Troubled.

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