Monday, June 14, 2010


You posted that picture on

You answered my email

You didn't think I was too old

You gave good phone

You stayed around even though I was an hour late

You ate my doughnuts the next morning

You didn't rob me while I was at work

You went to Home Depot with me for our second date

You make me laugh

We put Joan and Christina to shame when we fight

We go to bed angry but wake up not-so-angry

You love TV as much as I do

You're a great cook

You're a foodie

You made me like kale, Mexican, and tomatoes again

You make me laugh when you're "feeling the music"

You have a nice singing voice

Your mom

Your smile

You're beefy

Your calves

You're a great Jeopardy opponent

Your eyes

The way you you look when you wear dark/rich colors

You make an ugly Mama Edie

You've been my chauffeur in spite of my back-seat driving

You pretty much supported me while I was on "sabbatical"

You put up with my highs and lows

You haven't left me in spite of everything

You let me soak up the sun while you frolic in the ocean

You fall asleep on the couch - glasses askew, hands in underwear

You look mighty fine in a suit

You have no shame in crying during sappy TV shows

You're a great kisser

Hate smoking as much as I do

You started a garden this year

You actually come around to my point of view once in a while

You got the job in NYC

You like to do art galleries and museums

I like introducing you to new music

You like to travel

You made me get my passport

You made me get rid of THAT gray shirt

You made me get rid of pleated pants

You wear Happy

You like wine

You let me back after I said I was out of your life "for good"

You broke up with me (that whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing)

You were on TV

You wear deodorant

You still tell people I'm an actor even though you haven't seen me in action

Just because. Happy Anniversary, Dan!



  1. Oh this is so very touching... makes me happy and proud to even know you. Happy Anniversary, dear hearts!

  2. This is very sweet Jeff. Patrick and I celebrate 9 years on Thursday. You've just inspired me! Happy Anniversary to you both!f