Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My favorite covers of 2013

1) Okay, I suck at blogging. At least on paper (screen?). In my head I blog just about every day. But, seriously, nothing since LAST December?!? I need to remedy that. 

2) I'm a hypocrite. I identify with Holden Caulfield a little too much and we'll leave it at that. In this situation I'm a hypocrite because I can't stand End of the Year lists. They're rehashes of things that were overplayed/overhyped enough as it is during the year. I'd like to think my lists are just a tad more different. Eclectic, even.

That being said, here are my seven favorite cover songs (no particular order) I discovered in 2013.

1) So Groovy (Reach out of the Darkness) by Jocelyn Alice & Right The Stars

   Original by Friend and Lover


2) Call Me, Maybe by Markki Stroem

    I actually like this better than Carly Mae Jepson's version.

3) Stay by Jared Leto

    Original by Rihanna
    LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice! I feel like Angela Chase when I listen to this.

4) Royals by Mayer Hawthorne

    Original by Lorde

5) Creep by Carrie Manolakos

    Original by Radiohead
    Chills, chills I tell ya, starting at 2:25

6) Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix) by Ellie Goulding

   Original by Active Child
   Ellie Goulding can do no wrong in my book. Love her voice.
And Dubstep added to it? Yes, please!

7) I Knew You Were Trouble by Walk Off the Earth

    Original by Taylor Swift.
    A Cappella goodness.
Always better when you don't have to hear Taylor Swift's singing.